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My E-Church is a system that provides the church with various effective tools to manage every church's operations. It is directed to engage, support and interact with all church members from a single platform. Our platform groups together various systems and is accessible via a secure log-in from any mobile and web devices.

My E-Church is a system built for all Churches irrespective of sizes and denominations to easily manage all aspect of the church operations and members engagement from interaction, communication, church worker/department management, real time information dissemination/sharing, easy collection of funds (donations, offering & tithe) and access to church store for instant order and purchase, all on the go from one point. Our platform groups together various systems and is accessible via a secure log in through all internet enabled device via applets and web browsers.

At My E-church, we believe the church needs great tools with powerful functionality and a simple Interface to manage all aspect of the church's operations and provide all year round interactive platform to engage and interact with their members. We are a company dedicated to building church management software and serving churches all over the world and believes that church management systems should serve the church, not the other way round. My E-church as an entity believe in the worldwide mission of the Church and have built My E-church with the intention to enable churches to focus on the work of Jesus(Evangelism) rather than becoming mired in the pit of techno-despondency! From your church's Congregation Directory, to the people's Evangelisms ministry, through to workers, group/department management by tracking and automated reminders and attendance report, we are here to make your life easier and your ministry more effective.

My E-Church

A Simplified & Robust Church Software with Customizable Mobile APP

 A revolutionary way of managing your entire church operations, information and engaging your members in real time


My E-Church is a complete Church Management solution with mobile CMS to easily allow a two way church - member interaction. My E- church system helps you effectively manage the various tools used to engage and support your members and all your church's operations. My E-church comprises of various system and is accessible via a secure log-in comprising of everything a church might ever require to fully automate church operations and effectively manage the members account and the entire church information integrated in a single tool.

Easy to use

You don't need to be an IT expert to get the full value of My E-Church. It's simple and intuitive yet powerful. My E-church can easily be accessed from a mobile phone through the customizable mobile apps, a mobile phone browser, and any computer browser. My E-church is uniquely designed to deliver a simple to use robust functionality to its Users.

Church on the go

With My E-church there is never a break in connection between the church and its members even if they are miles away. With My E-church, church and members can easily Stay up-to-date with church News & Information, communicate & Interact with one another, easy access to church services and all other commercial platform and functions with our mobile apps for Android and iOS.


At my E-church your data are safe and in good hands at all times. Our data security is audited by the leading IT security firm and our servers are ISO certified. Based on our in-house safe policy and best security practice, our system have the capacity on its own to fully conduct an automatic system backup and recovery operation with the shortest bearable down time

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Features & Highlights

A revolutionary way of managing your daily work and engaging your members

My Church

This is an integrated information tool used to provide and share church information, church minister's profile, church contact details, etc.


This is a dual dynamic integrated tool used by both the church and its members to manage events and programs. From the church back-end module, the church can easily manage and share all of its activities from a single platform which is seen by all members who can easily sign up to events and programs and instant notifications and reminders concerning the events/programs.

Giving & Donation

This integrated tool easily allows the church to collect and manage funds with a flexible and simple member front-end that allows members to easily make payment to the church right from their mobile devices or computer via the church mobile app and web platforms. The module is built on a high-end military grade encryption on dedicated servers to provide a robust and simple fund collecting system on the go using either our in-house Mye-church Payment Merchant with a dedicated E-wallet service or with your custom direct bank API integrated to collect and manage any type of fund deposition (e.g. tithes, offerings, charity donations, etc.) directly to your bank account.


This is a multi-faceted and automated member relationship management tool used to create and manage all the entire church members profile be it adult and children. This tool is embedded to easily create and add members user profile or allow user to register self to the church congregational address book with a standard capability to easily manage and record key dates, anniversaries, church groups, church events, etc. The user profile created gives access to the church web platform and the mobile app were users can easily search other church members profile, sign-up and follow-up with church group activities, etc.

Church Groups

This is a multi-functional tool integrated with a communication and departmental meeting reminder functionality for easy interactions. The church can easily add members to department/groups once they own an active user profile or members can sign-up to group(s) of their interest if the group's members sign-up is still active. Automated meeting reminders are sent to group members either by sms, e-mails or mye-church in-app message functionality. Group member's attendance and report are easily recorded by group leaders providing church admin insights of the outcomes of the group meetings.


This is a secure shopping cart integrated module that enables the church to put their merchandise up for sale and provides an easy accessible platform for members to browse listed church products and be able to purchase directly from their mobile devices and computers. The module is run with a high-end encryption technology on secure dedicated server to provide a simple yet robust e-commerce service


This module integrates all devotional functionalities making it easy and seamless to provide automated devotional information services. The devotionals comprises of features which enables the church admin to edit and manage the churches daily/weekly/monthly and yearly devotions and meditations.


A simple and robust tool integrated to give access to the churches hymns on the go. The module allows the church and its congregations/members to have with them the churches hymnals round the clock on their mobile devices and on their computers via the mobile app and the web platform making them conversant with all the churches songs for all occasions and seasons for best practices. The module is run with a high-end encryption technology on secure dedicated server to provide a simple yet robust e-commerce service


This is a multi-functional dynamic integrated evangelism module that gives the church the functionality of daily reaching out to it members and vice versa via the mobile app and web platform in its ministration so as to connect to a broader spectrum of people and as such be able to bring them to the church for active participation. It also enables it members to be aware of the churches evangelism activities and successes as well as join in the evangelization processes.


This is a dynamic multi-functional communication integrated module that enables the church and the members to communicate and share information on the go via sms, e-mails or our in-app messaging tool.

Church news

This is a news integrated module that give the church the functionality for daily, weekly or monthly broadcasting of it churches news/information of activities and events happening both within and outside the church. With this news broadcasting functionality the church and the members are easily informed and current with news information on the go on their mobile devices and computer via our mobile app and web platform.

Church Gallery

This is a dynamic visual integrated module that enables the church to put their visual materials such as pictures and videos up for members to browse and view the churches events and activities and be able to share them on the social media of their choice directly from their mobile devices and computers.


A revolutionary way of managing your daily work and engaging your members



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